DirecTV quickly corrects problem

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

MESA, Ariz. -- Harry Skigis is a happy man because the problem he once had with his satellite provider, isn't a problem anymore.
"DirecTV came back out and cleared up everything," Skigis said. "Everything is better now that 3 On Your Side got involved."

When Skigis was first profiled in a 3 On Your Side report, he was disappointed with DirecTV's installation job which left wires and cables visible everywhere. He even had wires running across the top of his wall near the ceiling.

The only reason Skigis recently subscribed to DirecTV was because the company's commercial promised no wires. "Get the Genie," the commerical's announcer says. "No box and no more wires."

Impressed with the ad and the offer, Skigis called and signed up with DirecTV. But the installation left wires and cable everywhere. Skigis called DirecTV several times complaining that their wireless system wasn't wireless at all. "And when I called customer service they said, "No, we don't have wireless." And I said have you seen your commercial?"

Aggravated, Skigis contacted 3 On Your Side. After we talked to them, DirecTV looked into the matter and sent out not one, but three technicians to Skigis' house.
By the time they left, Skigis says the installation on all of his TV's was much better. Wires and cables were basically gone, giving it a cleaner look that Skigis says the commercial promised.

"Oh, it's so much nicer. Getting rid of wires makes all the difference in the world," Skigis tells 3 On Your Side.

DirecTV says they stand by their commercial and in a statement to 3 On Your Side, acknowledged that the initial installation was not done correctly.

3 On Your Side appreciates DirecTV's responsiveness and their quick resolution.