Kidnapped girl's mother: 'A lot of fear'

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A little girl snatched by a kidnapper outside a Scottsdale apartment is safe. Now her mother is talking about the terrifying experience.

The 5-year-old girl and her mother were visiting friends at the Copper Rock Condominiums in Scottsdale on Sunday evening when the little girl disappeared.

3TV isn’t sharing the little girl’s identity since she’s a kidnapping victim. 

Although she was smiling on Tuesday afternoon, she was also visibly shaken by the ordeal when asked if it was scary.

Her mother was also emotional, shedding tears as she talked about the moment she learned her child had been taken.

“I was thinking the worst. I was thinking [my] baby was crying. What was happening to [my] baby?  A lot of things going through my head,” said the girl’s mother, Guadalupe, speaking through a Spanish translator.

Guadalupe told 3TV her daughter was jumping rope with friends outside when she wandered away. Guadalupe called Scottsdale police when her daughter’s playmates said they couldn’t find the little girl.

Witnesses told police they saw the little girl walking through the parking lot by herself before a man started following her, eventually luring the little girl back to his car. 

Nine hours later police found her unharmed at a home in Phoenix where they arrested Mario Salgado for kidnapping.

“It was very scary just to think I'm not going to see her again. Where are they going to take her? Are they going to return her back to me? [I was thinking] a lot of things -- a lot of fear -- something that I never felt in my life. I don't wish it to anybody,” Guadalupe said.

Salgado was still in jail as of Tuesday night.