Ariz. woman opens home to stranger for Jodi Arias verdict

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Two strangers are now good friends thanks to the Jodi Arias murder trial and Twitter.
Sandy Metter from Scottsdale met her new friend LaDawn Burnum from Utah online.
"It just made following the trial just that much more interesting because of instead of just watching by yourself you had somebody, you had many somebodies that were watching it with you," Metter said.
Last week, 3TV introduced viewers to Metter, a retired flight attendant, and Burnum, a stay-at-home mom.
This week, Metter took her Twitter friendship with Burnum one step further.
Metter invited Burnum to Scottsdale to meet in person for the first time and stay at Metter's home as they wait for the verdict.
As a precaution, Burnum's husband wrote down Metter's address and telephone number before his wife flew out to Arizona.
The two met on Monday outside of court.
"It's been amazing. It's just been amazing," said Metter of the meet-up.
The pair spent Monday on the courtroom steps, snapping photos of HLN’s anchor Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell and some of the talking heads they've seen on TV.
Both women feel connected to Travis Alexander, who Arias admits killing in 2008.
"It's personal to me because I really do feel a connection to Travis' family coming from a Mormon family," Burnum said.
Alexander was a practicing Mormon when he met Arias.
Ironically, the ending of his life has been the start of friendships around the country.
"Oh gosh, I think we'll stay friends. I really do. There's a bond," Burnum said.
The women’s online friendship caught the attention of editors at the Huffington Post.
After our story aired last week, the paper invited Metter to be a guest on its online show.