Tempe woman not happy with Dish Network bill

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz. -- When Michele Riazzi isn't working, she likes to relax and watch TV. 

"We watch FX a lot," Riazzi said. "The Americans, Sons of Anarchy, Justified."

But, Riazzi also likes getting a good deal. So, she recently decided to drop her cable company and go with a satellite provider.
After comparing different companies, the one that jumped out at Riazzi was Dish Network. 
"What I found online is that they are pretty much the same, but that Dish had better customer service," she said.

Good customer service ratings actually convinced Riazzi to call Dish for more information.

While talking on the phone with the company, Riazzi said she asked the Dish representative for a package that would include TV programming and Internet service.
According to Riazzi, the same price was quoted over and over during her conversation, which was $50 for TV programming, $40 for Internet service and $10 a month for a modem for a total of $102 every month, which was a lot less than she was currently paying. 

"I loved it," Riazzi said. "It was great. It was going to save use like $70 a month." 

As a result, Riazzi gave Dish the go-ahead and subscribed with them.

But then, Dish sent Riazzi her first month's bill and she noticed instead of $40 a month for Internet service, it was almost $80. That's a big difference and over the course of her two-year contract, that equates to $960 in overcharges.
Riazzi said she called that company with the great customer service, Dish, and the rep told her she had to pay it because she was now under contract.

"He said that the only other option I could do would be to cancel, but I'm now in a two-year contract and it would cost me $462 to cancel." 

Riazzi said so much for that good customer service. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

I got a hold of Dish and after looking into the matter for me they allowed Riazzi to cancel her Internet service without a cancellation fee.
She did and said she suspects she would have been on the hook if she did not contact 3 On Your Side

Still, she said she entire ordeal aggravates her.

"I definitely feel like I was lied to and put into a contract that I got stuck with," she said.

By the way, a Dish spokesman never did verify if sales calls are recorded. It's also unknown how this issue unraveled to begin with.

Regardless, Riazzi said she's happy her Dish Network Internet service was canceled without penalty.