3 Missing women found alive renews hope for other parents

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In light of the three missing women who were found alive in Cleveland, parents of missing children are getting some renewed hope. Mika Moulton is the president of the national organization Surviving Parents Coalition and said parents who have lost their kids live for news like what happened in Cleveland.

"We never give up hope no matter how many years it has been," Moulton said.

Surviving Parents Coalition consists of parents of children who were abducted, assaulted, murdered or missing. On Monday, many of them were attending an Amber Alert conference in Florida when the news came down.

"When the breaking news came down, in the middle of the meeting everyone started cheering! That's what we do, we don't give up hope," Moulton said.

In Arizona, it's been a year since 6-year-old Isabel Celis vanished from her Tucson home. Her family is still looking for answers and their baby girl.

Gabriel Johnson, also known as Baby Gabriel, went missing in 2009. His mom, Elizabeth Johnson, said she gave him away to a couple in Texas. Last year she was convicted in her son's disappearance, but there's still no sign of him.

In 1999, Mikelle Biggs, 11, went missing in Mesa after she ran outside to catch up with an ice cream truck. She still remains missing. 

Moulton hopes the wonderful news out of Cleveland will open up more "cold cases."