Happy Hour Mac n' Cheese

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2.5 oz    garganelli pasta-cooked
4oz         cream
1.5 oz    lobster- small diced
1 tbsp    lobster glace (store)
1.5 tbsp Mascarpone
2.5 oz    fontina-shredded
1 tbsp    Chesapeake Crab Kettle Chips-crushed
TT           salt
2 tabs    unsalted butter

In a sauté pan, melt butter.  Add lobster and lightly sauté.  Add cream, reduce by half.  Stir in fontina and lobster glace.  Reduce until sauce thickens.  Toss in pasta.  Season to taste.  Plate in small kettle and top with crushed chips.  

Belgian Endive & Arugula Salad & Ancho Pecans
2.5oz Endive
.5oz arugula
1oz Point Reyes blue cheese
1oz chopped spiced az pecans (store)
1oz honey balsamic
S&P to taste!

Add all ingredients to stainless steel mixing bowl. Then add vinaigrette, season with salt. Line all your ingredients on a skateboard plate finishing with the cheese and nuts over the top as your garnish.

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

.5 cup White balsamic
1oz honey
.5 oz shallots
1 tbls grain mustard
1 Table fresh thyme
1 cup salad oil
Salt to tast

Add balsamic, shallots, thyme, and honey in a blender. Blend for 10 sec. then slowly add the oil to the mixture until emulsified. Turn your lender off then add mustard.you want to see the mustard seed in this vinaigrette S&P TT.