Vigil held for Travis Alexander, Arias jury set to continue deliberating

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- With the jury set to continue deliberations in the Jodi Arias murder trial, several people gathered this weekend to remember the man whose life was lost.

A candlelight vigil was held for Travis Alexander Sunday afternoon at Wesley Bolin Memorial Park.

A long time friend of Alexander's, Dave Hall, flew in from Utah on Sunday evening in anticipation of the verdict sometime this week.  He provided evidence for the prosecution in the case and therefore couldn't watch much of the trial under orders from the judge. 

I knew that Travis didn’t own a gun so when I heard Jodi say she ran to his room and grabbed his gun I almost jumped out of my skin.  I couldn’t believe that was the story she was going to stick to," said Dave Hall, a friend of Travis Alexander.

Hall said he met Arias on many occasions, including during a trip she made to Utah after Travis Alexander was killed. 

"We were nice to Jodi because that was just the right thing to do," said Hall.  "But none of us really ever liked Jodi and felt like that was going to be someone that, you know, Travis should marry and he knew that it wasn't someone that  he wanted to marry either."

Hall also doesn't believe the defense claims that Alexander psychologically and sexually abused Arias, driving her to kill.

"Did [Alexander] have a sexual appetite?  I think God installed that in most of us.  Was he any type of a pedophile or abuser or anything else like that?  Absolutely not," said Hall.

One woman who’s been following the case said she hopes that Arias pays for her actions with her life.

“I want her convicted of first degree murder, and then the death penalty,” said the woman.

Many of Alexander’s friends have traveled to Arizona from out of state to be on hand for the verdict, which most people expect will be delivered early next week.

Alexander was killed by Arias in June 2008 at his home in Mesa.

Arias originally said that she played no role in Alexander’s death, and blamed the incident on masked intruders. Two years after she was arrested, Arias changed her story and said she killed Alexander in self-defense.

The prosecution has argued that Arias is a liar who had planned to kill the man who was once her lover. 

Arias went on trial for Alexander’s murder back in January.

The case has captured attention from around the county, with people from all corners of the U.S. traveling to Phoenix to catch a glimpse of the accused boyfriend killer in court.

After months of testimony, the prosecution and the defense delivered their closing arguments on Thursday and Friday.

The jury began deliberating at the end of the day on Friday, but was unable to reach a verdict.

They will continue deliberating Monday morning.

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