Friends of Travis Alexander await verdict

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Media, court watchers, and legal analysts are all watching and waiting for a verdict, but no one is more anxious and exhausted than the people the Jodi Arias murder trial involves, including Travis Alexander’s family and close friends.

“It’s just very emotional,” said Clancy Talbot, a close friend of Alexander.  “There are so many mixed emotions; a lot of praying will happen this weekend.”

Talbot, who’s from Utah, is among the friends staying in Phoenix, out of support.  She says the Alexander family has been living out of local hotels since January.

“Even if this comes to a verdict soon, this is far from over for them.  None of them live here.  All of them have been out of work; it’s just really stressful,” Talbot said.

Not only stressful for family members but difficult to hear graphic testimony that’s lasted for months.

“She’s butchered him, killed him; now she’s doing the same to his reputation,” said Talbot.

Defense attorneys argued Alexander emotionally and physically abused Arias and used her for sex.

The fate of Jodi Arias will be decided by the jurors who return next week to resume deliberations.
Eileen Kane, who’s been following this trial from the start, has an idea of what they’re experiencing.

“I was on a murder trial here, and I was a juror,” said Kane. “You’re thinking about it all the time.”

 She says a good jury will take its time in carefully weighing both sides.

“They have boards in there with paper; you can write all evidence down,” said Kane.  “You go through all the evidence; a good jury will do that.”

Clancy Talbot says she can’t guess what they will decide.

“Hopefully they see what we all see, but I don’t know,” said Talbot.

She’s heading into the weekend anxious, yet relieved that this chapter is coming to a close.

“Hopefully, it’s not going to take very long, and we’ll have justice soon,” Talbot told 3TV.

Family members of Travis Alexander declined to comment after court.  An attorney for the family says they will not speak until sentencing at the request of the prosecution.

Clancy Talbot says friends are now trying to raise money to help the Alexander family, since they've had to take time off of work.