Tech gifts for grads

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Graduation season is here! Ken Colburn of Data Doctors shared some great gift ideas for grads, particularly for those who are heading off to college next year.

It might not be the most whiz-bang of gifts, but consider a backup device like a flash drive or a small external hard drive and teach them to use it.

Colburn says it's the most important gadget you can get your grad. Having backups of their work can be a life-saver. Just ask the Rutgers grad student who pleaded online with the thief who stole his laptop, offering to pay $1,000 for his thesis because he did not have a backup.

"The very, very first gift you should get every grad is at least some kind of external storage -- a flash drive of some sort," Colburn said.

As longs as your college student doesn't stuff it with videos and photos, a 16-32GB flash drive should be able to easily hold four years' worth of papers.

You might also consider a subscription to a cloud backup service.

Colburn ran down some other great gift ideas, not related to backups.

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