Tips for women looking to start their own business

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz. -- It's an age old battle, men make more money than women. But some female entrepreneurs are getting the upper hand. There's a group helping women who want to start their own business, teaching them the do's and dont's.

On Wednesday, AZ Women's Financial Group set up a forum to help women succeed. It's all about professional women coming together, collaborating and networking.

"I think this is a great way for women to have that connection so they can get the support they need. We buy from each other and that's important," said Dar-Lynn Beard, Regional VP for National Bank of Arizona.

So what does it take to start a successful business? The panel of professionals on hand say have a three to five year business plan, and recommend the following three helpful tips.

1) Make sure you have a CPA, attorney and a bank. They will help you grow and help you plan to be successful.
2) Figure out how many employees you will need and grow at a sensible pace so you don't run out of money.
3) Look ahead to expansion and growth, even death or divorce. The unexpected does happen.

"That's the one thing women owned businesses really need to know, do I have a plan, who do I get and how do I implement it. If they stick with it, they'll be successful," said Beard.

If you're interested in networking and attending an event like this,  AZ Women's Financial Group is always welcoming new people.