Tempe to look at new laws targeting ASU fraternities

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz. -- A huge brawl over the weekend involving Arizona State University fraternity members and shots fired sent several people to the hospital and several others to jail. The fight is the latest in a string of troubles that the city of Tempe may be looking to fix with some new laws.

The Hayden Terrace Apartments are a de facto, off-campus fraternity house where many members of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity live.

Several people showed up at a DKE party at the apartment complex over the weekend looking for a Surprise high school girl who was at the party. Tempe police said the fraternity members got in a fight with the newcomers, who threatened to return with guns and more people.
At around 4 a.m., six people drove back to the fraternity party swinging bats at students and firing two guns into the air, according to Tempe police.

On Monday, Tempe City Council spokeswoman Nikki Ripley told 3TV that council members will soon look at new ordinances targeting out-of-control parties and off-campus frat houses.

One possible ordinance would allow police to cite everyone attending a loud party instead of just ticketing the person who threw it.

A second ordinance to be considered would force any apartment complex renting more than half its units to a fraternity or sorority to seek a "use permit" from the city. Each permit would have to be approved and would come with conditions, including a requirement for the requesting organization to meet with neighbors to address concerns.

There is no time frame currently in place for when the council will take up these issues.
In the meantime, Caleb Everett, 20, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and firing a gun in the air. Also arrested for felonies were his brother Isaiah Everett, 19, and friend Zack Rezendes, 18. Clarissa Casillas, 19, and Michael Reyes, 19, were arrested for misdemeanor offenses and released.

No DKE fraternity members have been arrested, but police told 3TV that could change as investigators continue reviewing surveillance video from this weekend’s fight.

Two ASU students were still in the hospital as of Monday night.