Jodi Arias trial bringing strangers together one tweet at a time

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By Crystal Cruz By Crystal Cruz

PHOENIX -- The Jodi Arias murder trial is bringing strangers together one tweet at a time.

"I've been having a ball. It's the most interesting thing I've done in ages," said Sandy Metter, of Scottsdale.

When Metter started tweeting using #JodiArias she didn't expect to gain 200 followers that day.

"Everybody is so nice. We all have our different perspectives of what's going on. I feel like I’ve made these friends from out of the country and in the country," Metter said.

Next week Metter will meet several of her Twitter friends for the first time.

At least 10 tweeps from as far away as Florida and Texas are flying into Phoenix, hoping to hear the verdict.

Ladawn Burnum is making the trip from Utah and spoke to 3TV via Skype.

"There is some great friendships there. We have just made some real strong bonds," Burnum said.

The Utah resident can't wait to meet the group, especially Metter, as Metter’s been the women's eyes and ears in court.

"Sandy is amazing and she gets to see it head on and she's right there," Burnum said.

Metter, who is retired, tweets all the details from inside the courtroom.

In just a few months Metter has sent out more than 8,000 tweets.

She's been inside the courtroom several times and realizes it could be difficult getting all the women inside for the verdict.

The ladies are now talking about renting a limo and wearing T-shirts that say "Juan Squad" on them outside of court.

This murder trial has made prosecutor Juan Martinez famous and someone started a Facebook page in his honor.

The group would love to have him meet them for dinner, but with the trial winding down that is unlikely.