Heat problems can hit kids quickly

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Five-year-old Jack St. Clair decided an impromptu shower in the drinking fountain at a Chandler park where he was practicing basketball was the best way to cool down.

"When you're hot, you're hot," said the little fella after shooting hoops and rocking on a horse in the playground. 

Jack's grandma, Naomi Keith, said she makes sure her star athlete has plenty to drink and lots of sunscreen to protect him against the Arizona heat.

"If we're hot, imagine what he's like with all his running around," she said.

Dr. Kate McDonnell of the Phoenix Children's Hospital said kids can get into heat trouble in a hurry due to their size and energy level. McDonnell said look for a rash, flushed cheeks and glazed-over eyes as signs of too much fun in the sun.

While most of her gym classes are inside, PE teacher Grace Alvarado keeps an eye on sixth-graders playing dodgeball outside during recess at Chandler Traditional Academy Elementary School.

She said when the weather gets this warm, some activities, such as soccer, are no longer allowed outside and students are constantly reminded to drink plenty of water. She also looks for trouble signs in those who may be having trouble dealing with the heat.