Former Chandler HS football player goes 3rd in NFL Draft

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A former Chandler High School football player was taken 3rd in the NFL draft.

Dion Jordan was a football star at Chandler High School when in 2007 he received third degree burns while siphoning gasoline from a friend's car.  

For some that could have been the end of football, but Jordan, who went on to star at the University of Oregon, bounced back and became the highest drafted former Arizona high school football player.

Chandler High Head football coach Shaun Aguano was an assistant when Jordan was injured.  
He says there was no doubt the teen's work ethic and leadership skills would allow him to make a comeback.  
Coach Aguano says Jordan joins a growing list of former Chandler High players who went on to play in the NFL.