Home in Jodi Arias murder case attracts unwanted attention

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz.-- The home of Arizona's most notorious murder is in a quiet Mesa neighborhood.

Travis Alexander was stabbed, shot and killed in the two-story house by his girlfriend Jodi Arias in 2008.

A family bought the home in 2009 for around $200,000 knowing little about its past.

"So when we viewed the home things were missing, faucets missing, showers, carpet was missing … so we thought the home had been vandalized," said the homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous.                                                                                                                                             

The realtor told her about the murder, but the homeowner didn't know the full extent of what happened until she watched a story by 48Hours after buying the home.

This is the first time the homeowner has shared her story with a TV news station.

"It's a very loving home. It's got a very sweet spirit in this home," said the homeowner.

It's no longer just a house where something bad happened, it's her home.

Her family and kids live here and that’s why videotaping wasn't allowed inside the house.

Off-camera we got a tour of the house and it's far from eerie.

Instead the place is homey or comfortable.

The homeowner said, "Everything is new in the home, the dishwasher is new, the carpet is new, the paint is new, the shower is new, the baseboards are new."

The home is so popular hoards of people drive by.

Some of them get out of their car and knock on the door.

"We've had people pull in our driveway and stop and park and get their cell phones out and take pictures of the house," said the homeowner.

She’s heard some of the tourists visit from as far away as Philadelphia, Alabama and California.

3TV watched as Rachel Fry drove by twice to show her family the famous house.

"We want to see what it looks like now," said Fry.

The national coverage has also made prosecutor Juan Martinez and defendant Arias famous.

"I very much love Travis, and I love Juan Martinez and detective Flores," said the homeowner.

When the trial is over the homeowner is hoping the parade of people driving by ends too, because after all she’s made this house a home.