Triple digits likely by Sunday

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The high temperature in Phoenix, as officially recorded at Sky Harbor Airport, is likely to reach 100 degrees on Sunday. That would be the first “100” for Phoenix this year.

The average first date the past 30 years has been May 2, so we’d be getting there a little early.

If not Sunday, then Monday.

If the temperature at Sky Harbor doesn’t reach 100 on Sunday, we’re still forecasting highs right around 100 for both Monday and Tuesday. And while it’s fun to try and forecast the first 100, it’s sort of a moot point since we get there every year, sooner or later.

The dry weather will also translate into warmer than normal temperatures in the mountains. Look for high temperatures through the weekend in the 70s to near 90 degrees at the higher elevations of our state.

The UV Index is also forecast to be in the Very High range as well.