'You Deserve Rape' message sparks controversy at U of A

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

TUCSON, Ariz -- Dean Saxton is known as Brother Dean at the University of Arizona. It's common for Saxton to share his beliefs for all to hear near Heritage Hill on campus. But his demonstration on Tuesday was more than many could take.

"You deserve rape!" he yelled at a female student that afternoon while holding a sign that said the same thing.

A fellow student captured his sermon, and posted it on YouTube. It shows Saxton chiding women for wearing clothing he believes would lead to sexual assault.

"Most of these girls on this campus are asking to be raped...and a lot of them will get it!" He said. "Why don't you girls sew on some clothes that actually cover up!" 

Many students confronted Saxton, and dozens more called and wrote to the office of the Dean of Students, outraged. We showed the sign to people in Phoenix, and their feeling was the same.

"I'm speechless, actually," said Tim Wick. "Why, is it because of what they wear or something? Wow."

"How dare he say something like that. That's just not...who deserves rape?" said Alison Best. "I know there's free speech, absolutely, but he better be ready for the backlash."

The first round of it came that afternoon, as police came to speak with him. That's when one man in the group moved to share his own testimony with a sign saying no one deserves to be raped.

U of A released a statement saying while the comments are vile and repugnant, it will continue to protect the free speech of speakers on campus. 3TV tried to reach Saxton for comment on this story but we haven't heard back.

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