9/11 Widow fights to keep knives off planes

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Small scissors and screwdrivers are already allowed on planes.  The TSA was also going to allow small pocket knives on board, that is until some harsh critics weighed in, critics who hope this decision is delayed indefinitely.

“The TSA was started because men with blades on airplanes took down four aircrafts and killed 3,000 people,” said Rebecca Marchand.

Rebecca's husband, Alfred, was a retired police officer and a United Airlines flight attendant.

“He was on board flight 175 on 9/11, the plane that hit the second tower in New York," said Rebecca.

Rebecca's son is also now a flight attendant with United Airlines, and she hates the idea of small knives being allowed back on board.

“TSA administrator John Postole said box cutters will not be allowed because there is still too much emotion attached to them, but I might add that box cutter blades are much smaller than the 2.3 inch blades he's now going to allow on board,” said Marchand.

As of now, the TSA confiscates some 2,000 pocket knives a day and spends a good two to three minutes on each of those cases.

“I think the TSA needs to focus on the real threats to airplanes right now and that's bombs that can take down an airplane that can kill an airplane full of passengers,” said Doug Ritter, founder of Knife Rights. “We allow under 4-inch scissors and these aren't even three inches.”

He says by allowing pocket knives onboard, “We haven't increased the risk and we have certainly improved the opportunity for the TSA to concentrate on things that are important.”

Still Rebecca says she won't give up the fight and she is calling on others to contact their own congressmen because she wants Congress to pass the no knives on plane act of 2013.

“I certainly understand explosives are very dangerous,” said Rebecca. “I'm not satisfied to only focus on explosives let’s focus on explosives and at the same time keep knives off planes.”

No word on when the TSA might in fact lift the ban on knives.