Are book deals in the works for booted Jodi Arias jurors?

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- There's a reason why the Jodi Arias murder trial has been called the trial of the year.

The case has many people, including criminal defense attorney Dwane Cates, who isn't a part of this trial, watching very closely.

"Everything about this case is surprising and shocking. From witnesses talking back to (prosecutor) Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias saying ‘Yes, I killed Travis Alexander,’ to jurors being thrown off," said Cates.

A total of three jurors have been dismissed from the trial.

One woman was let go for misconduct, another man got sick.

On Thursday, a third juror was released for unknown reasons.

According to Cates, it’s to be expected and that's why there's six alternate jurors for situations like these.

"Anytime a trial goes on for a long time you almost always inevitably lose one, two, three, four jurors for various reasons," Cates stated.

This murder trial could go on a lot longer because at some point jurors will have to choose between: A) first degree murder B) second degree murder or C) manslaughter for Arias.

The jury could also find Arias not guilty, something Cates said is unlikely.

"If they (jurors) pick (A) they're going to be there for another month. If they pick (B) or (C) they get to go home," Cates said.

If the jury finds Arias guilty of first degree murder, jurors would have to stick around for the sentencing phase, which includes life in prison or death.

According to Cates, jurors were told the trial would wrap up in April, but that won’t happen as the trial is now expected to go into May.

The public could soon get a look at what the courtroom experience has been like for the jury.

Cates expects someone to write a book.

"There's a big interest in what's going on and if they're going to do anything like write a book they've got to do it really early before the interest fades," said Cates.

According to Cates, these books could end up on shelves within just a few weeks of the case wrapping up.