Fiancee of murdered bail bondsman shares memories with 3TV

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Darcy King believed her fiance, David Brickert, was invincible.  However, Brickert and his colleague, Wesley Kampen, were the two bail bondsmen murdered last Monday night. 

“I don’t think anyone realizes how risky it is,” said King of her soon-to-be husband’s job.  “He always told me nothing would happen to him.”

Brickert and Kampen were shot and killed while trying to arrest Anthony Giunta on a revoked bond.  Police say Giunta’s friend, Nicholas Malicki, is suspected of pulling the trigger.  Phoenix police have arrested both men, but King says that doesn’t bring back her best friend and soulmate.

“Nothing I can say is going to do him justice,” King said.  “He always said I picked him, but he picked me, and I’m really, really lucky.  We got eight years, but it’s not enough.  He’s the person I was supposed to be with.”

Brickert and Kampen worked at Sanctuary Bail Bonds in Phoenix.  King said Brickert did the job because he felt “everybody deserved a second chance.”  He was known to stay in touch with suspects, encouraging them to stay on the straight and narrow.  He even took their dogs as rescues.

King described Kampen as the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back.

“He was funny, charming, smart,” King said. “We lost two really, really incredible men.”

Both men leave behind grieving families.  King describes her fiance as the best father in the world.  She takes comfort in knowing he will live on through his children.

“I’m missing half of myself, but he gave me the best part of him,” King said through tears.

Dozens of friends and colleagues attended a celebration of their lives Thursday night at Cadillac Ranch in Tempe.  Bail bonds agents from across the country flew in to pay tribute.

"It's heartbreaking," said Stefanie Staats of New Jersey.  "It is very dangerous for the bounty hunters and the bail bonds agents. Dave and Wes were just doing their job." 

Staats said she hopes this case raises awareness about safety and risk within the bail bonds community.  

Funerals for the two men will be held out of state.

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