Man says he ended up with scrap metal after engine repair

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Matthew Parkes is down to two wheels these days.  That's because his car is in parts, and it all started with a little noise.

"Toward the end of January we were hearing a little bit of noise that we just wanted to get checked out," said Matthew.

So Matthew says he took his fiancé’s jeep to a place called Dan's Auto Shop where he was told the jeep needed an engine.

"He quoted us an estimated $2,500 and two weeks to do the engine re-build," Matthew recalled.

To get the job started, Matthew says he handed over $600, and later gave an additional $800 for a total of $1,400.

Then he waited for the jeep to be fixed, but every time he checked in on his vehicle, he says nothing was ever done.

"Toward the end, one of his excuses even was saying, 'oh I'm just not even making any money off this job,'" Matthew stated.

Finally, after more than two and half months, and after Matthew says he set a deadline to fix his car, Dan's Auto Shop contacted him.

"So he called us on Saturday saying ‘oh just come and pick it up, I'll give you a refund,'" Matthew said.

But when they picked up the car, Matthew says the jeep was in pieces.

“This is what we ended up picking up basically, a chasse with a pile of parts. We dropped off a running vehicle that we drove in there, we picked up a pile of scrap metal basically," he complained.

Matthew says that while he got his car back and it wasn't running, he says he never did get his $1,400 returned.

So 3 On Your Side got a hold of Dan Rocha who runs Dan's Auto Shop.

"We tried to re-build the engine. The engine was so damaged that the machine shop couldn't do anything with it," said Dan.

Dan said the job did take a lot longer than expected, but it was because the job was a lot bigger than he thought.

“He basically set an ultimatum, you gotta have it by such and such a date or I want the vehicle back.  We weren't gonna be able to have the vehicle done by such and such date so I agreed to refund them the money,” said Dan.

Dan said Matthew's car was given back to him with an expensive, blue, support brace that had been left in the car to hold up the transmission, and as long as he got that equipment back, he'd be happy to return the $1,400.

And when Matthew returned the brace, he got his full refund, all $1,400.

“Definitely relieved that we at least got our money back. We do think that Channel 3 was able to put some additional pressure on him to at least get to that point so we are happy with that," said Matthew.

Matthew is glad to have his money back and says he'll use the $1,400 to get his car fixed for good.