Flattering Warm Weather Fashions

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Wonderful Warm Weather Fashions That Flatter Figures

Warm weather brings shorts, skirts, trendy tank tops and more, so it is helpful to know which styles flatter the different parts of a figure.  Read on to see which shorts work with the right top to hide the muffin top.  I also found some styles that use stripes to slender and I've got some helpful undergarments that flatter as well.  Before you shop for seasonal styles, take a look at these ideas that I learned from a professional stylist and clothing buyer plus read below to see which styles help us gals look and feel our best when it comes to dressing for the warmer months.

Styles That Slim

For this part of my research, I interviewed local stylist and fashion buyer, Heather Cisek, who owns the Ahwatukee clothing boutique, The Purple Skirt and the Scottsdale store, Dominique R Boutique.  She carries the latest trends in her clothing stores, but she also makes sure that she has styles that are figure flattering and timeless, a great combination when you are purchasing a few investment pieces.  Here is what she shared with me (to see the clothes, watch the segment)....

*Coral is in again for warm weather wear, which didn't surprise me, but the color navy did.
Navy is it this season, Heather tells me, and I like that because dark colors tend to be slimming and navy blue is a nice departure from the usual black shades that slim.

*Stripes that slim.  Stripes are all the rage right now, but go for the lines that lengthen and not widen.  For example, avoid wide horizontal stripes that run straight across the hips.  You have to be a skinny Minnie to pull that off.  Luckily, for the majority of us that aren't a size zero, styles
with lots of skinny stripes that are angled are flattering.  See the Veronica M navy blue maxi dress that I showed in the segment to get a good idea of the kind of stripes that slenderize a figure.  This dress has skinny angled stripes that go from the top to the bottom of the dress giving the shape a
long and lean appearance.  I also showed a coral maxi skirt that has horizontal stripes, but the stripes are plentiful, where as just a few wide stripes make your hips look wide.  The Promisa maxi skirt that I showed also has a fold over waist line, which enables a woman to conceal and camoflouge the tummy area.

*For a pretty and dressy Maxi skirt that lets you show some leg, but is done so through shredded lace that also gives some cover, look at the black NightCap skirt that I show in the segment.  You get full coverage over the hips and tummy, but you also get to show a little skin, without exposing bare skin. I just love this style and this idea that is fun, flirty, fashionable and classy all in one.

*When it comes to wearing denim shorts, look for brands that stretch and if it does, consider buying them tight because they will become too big for you, after being worn for a bit.  An expensive brand, but a quality one that has been worth the investment for me, is the Hudson brand.  I have purchased two pairsof the pricey jeans in the last four years and they have stood the test of time.  The brand is flattering and comfortable to wear, so this Spring I invested in a pair of their shorts.  I bought the Palerme Knee Cuffed Short and Heather taught me how to wear a coordinating blouse that covers the muffin top and is flattering and fun.  She says to look for tops that have rusching.  That fashion word means the extra material that can be bunched up to create lines...like you would do with a tank top that is too long.  See the segment to see what I mean.  
Another type of top to coordinate with denim shorts for muffin top cover is a blouse like the Veronica M. that I showed that has a wide elastic bottom.  This type of top can be adjusted to cover more or less of the tummy area and actually gives a flat tummy appearance, even on bloated days.  I love that trick.  

Slimwear That Is Worn By the Celebs

NUE by Shani has slimming cocktail dresses that have been worn by Oprah, Wendy Williams and many other famous gals.  Designer Shani Grosz has created a line of dresses that are made with an interior of compression fabric that is specially spun with lyrca that shapes and molds the body, which makes the figure look one size smaller.  Precise darting and rusching are used in the designs that make the figure flaunting dresses look so nice. All the dresses also have color-coordinated lining and built-in shape wear.  
Check out the NUE by Shani Colorblocking Dress that I show in the segment.  The pink and black dress has a patent leather detail in the mid-section, which slims the waist and the style also comes in black and white and turquoise and black, too. This one sells for $280 at www.newyorkdress.com.  It is pricy, but it is less than I thought it would be knowing that celebrities buy this line.  The other dress that I showed in the segment is a pretty coral colored Ottoman Knit Dress with a ruffled cross over V-neck and sash.  This dress is made with body architecture lining.  This style can also be purchased at www.newyorkdress.com.  To see all of the elegant NUE by Shani styles and to learn more about the label visit www.nuebyshani.com.

Slimming Fashions Sold At Kohl's
If you don't feel comfortable in shorts, go for brightly colored or white capris, which is a timeless style (think Jackie O.).  The Jennifer Lopez Color Boyfriend Denim Capri's sell for $34.99 and come in pretty colors like a soft yellow or teal.  They are also cuffed at the bottom and they are constructed with a stretchy denim that moves with you and is flattering and comfortable to wear.  One comment that was left on the Kohl's site says that these are great for women with a pear shape who are looking for a slimming Capri pant.  The J Lo Jacquard Skinny Capri comes in a pretty light blue decorative woven knit pattern (see segment to see this style) and also in black and white.  This particular style slims because it has a contoured fit through the seat, thigh and leg opening which provides a trendy and flattering look.  The midrise sits above the hip for a modern silhouette.  This style sells at Kohl's for $30.  

Also at Kohl's is Rock & Republic's Skinny Jeans that come in a variety of bright colors like hot pink denim, a lime green, purple, teal, white and more.  These bold colors are great for the season and are flattering because they have a contoured fit.  All colors sell at Kohl's for around $35.

Slimming Undergarments

Genie has head to toe undergarments, tanks and pants that are comfortable and flattering.  I especially like the Genie Milana Bra because it doubles as a pretty lace camisole for low-cut dresses.  This bra is made with three comfort zones that control to lift, shape, smooth and support.  The bust zone has soft contour cups and a rouged center that custom conforms to your shape to help smooth and separate the bust.  The embellished knitted wide support band helps lift and support the bust and the side zone controls under arm and side spillage.  Lastly, the full back control panel with comfortable compression helps smooth back and minimize back fat.
Pricing is good with a trio price of $59.97 for three Milana bras at www.geniecomfort.com.  

Genie also has a CamiShaper that is a slimming 3-in-1 garment because it is a bra, camisole and shaper all in one.  It can be worn under a blouse to smooth rolls and eliminate layers or it can be worn alone.  It's sleek design targets trouble zones like love handles, the muffin top and more.  CamiShapers come in 12 different colors and are also available for a trio price of $59.97.  For more pricing and information visit www.geniecomfort.com.  I have also seen them sell at Walgreens for $20 a piece.

Comfortable & Cute Seasonal Shoes

Since I'm doing a fashion segment, I had to throw this in once I found out about this cute shoe.  Taylor Swift has teamed up with Keds and is offering nine styles in the Taylor Swift for Keds Collection.  She has polka dotted styles, a nautical anchor theme, pretty rose patterns and more.  Keds are so great in warm weather because they are comfortable and look good with a Capri pant and casual fun dresses, too.  Taylor's collection sell for $50 at www.keds.com. Here's hoping that you found a few ideas and styles that will complement your warm weather wardrobe and your shape.  What is your favorite style or figure flattering tip this season?  Share in the comments section and be sure to check my website at www.managedmoms.com for more fashion, beauty, recipes, parenting tips and more.