ASU student arrested a second time for harassing Tempe teen

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Mackenzie Lokare By Jennifer Thomas Mackenzie Lokare By Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz -- Shemetria Hill is one mad mom.

"When I got the phone call yesterday, I was like, this is unreal," she said.

She's furious that for a second time a woman has allegedly harassed her 13-year-old son, Gilbert Lerma. That woman is 21-year-old Mackenzie Lokare, a student at Arizona State University.

The story between these two started on March 28. Police said she allegedly pepper-sprayed Gilbert in the face, claiming he was the person who groped her at a recent event.

"She got it in my mouth so I couldn't breathe," Gilbert said.

Tempe police investigated and cleared the teen.

"He wasn't the one that had anything to do with this," said Sgt. Mike Pooley with the Tempe Police Department. "It was mistaken identity."

Instead, they charged Lokare with aggravated assault. But that wasn't enough to keep her away. Gilbert said she followed his van on the way to school Monday morning.

"She had pulled up from behind us and she was swerving in and out of lanes to try to get beside our van," he said. "She just started flipping me off and stuff, and she was yelling at me."

He told his mother and Hill told police, which led to the 21-year-old's second arrest and two more charges of disorderly conduct.

"I think she needs to be punished to the fullest because she's a threat!" Hill said. "I feel now she's out to hurt him."

Lokare is expected in court in the coming months.