15 Families will get free pool fences; first one handed out in Phoenix

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- This is the 11th year local homebuilder Fulton Homes has given away free pool fences.

This year's first winner is the Royse family in Phoenix.
"They're very expensive, absolutely, yeah, the price was definitely the biggest reason," Kelly Royse said.
With most of their money going to their four kids, having extra money for a fence was financially out of the question, but they know it's needed since their kids are getting more mobile.   
"Our youngest one, Faith, is now just starting to walk and she's climbing everywhere, getting into absolutely everything and the pool fence is just a great peace of mind," Royse said.
So the children's grandmother submitted their story to Fulton Homes and won a free fence.
"It's just a great way to give back to the community and also make sure children are safe," said Glenn Swain, who is with the "Fulton Homes Fence Patrol Program."

They have 14 more pool fences to give away this year. Go to the Fulton Homes' website for more information.
"They can nominate a neighbor or family member and then a family member is chosen through this process and we find the most needy family," Swain said.
Last year, 15 people in Phoenix alone died from drowning. Four of them were kids.