Valley runs for Boston

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Hundreds of runners across the Valley ran three miles Monday night in honor of the three victims killed last week in the Boston Marathon bombings.

“Lives were lost; lives were changed,” said Brooke Voss who ran the Boston Marathon. “The best way we can honor the victims is to move forward as a community, to remember them, to celebrate them and the lives they lived.

Voss said the emotion and memories of the bombing tragedy continue to hit her in waves. But, she said the Phoenix tribute run is an important step in the healing process. 

Voss, who’s visually impaired, and her running guide, Colleen Venti, didn’t get to finish the race last Monday. They were about a quarter mile from the finish line when they heard the first blast.

But, this Monday night she symbolically finished her last 200 meters. A mural across the wall at Runner’s Den in Phoenix reads “Boston Marathon Finish.”

“It means a lot for me to be here tonight, to stand with the [runners] and honor the people who were lost or injured,” said Voss.

She plans on returning to Boston next year to finish the race this year marked by tragedy.

“I’m so relieved and happy that they found those two suspects,” said Ann Durkin.

Durkin, who has run the marathon for years, says she too remains committed to returning.

“It ignites the fire even more for us to go back every year,” said Durkin. “It’s not going to stop us.”

For more information about the special tribute shirt sold by Runner's Den to raise money for the victims, go to: