Saving money on summer AC bills

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

AVONDALE, Ariz. -- So how can you save money on your electric bill? Well, Bill Colliar in Avondale decided to make use of a $99 energy audit offered through SRP. 

Alex Williams of Ideal Energy used an infrared camera to see through Colliar's ceiling for hot spots in the attic. The camera picks up places where little or no insulation allows heat to filter through. He also uses a large fan to push air out of the house, allowing him to determine where leaks are bringing hot air in while forcing cool air out. A small container of smoke shows which vents, electric switches and sockets are leaking and costing money. 

After the energy audit, Colliar agreed to do more than $16,000 worth of energy-saving repairs, hoping to save around $750 each year on his electric bill. 

Both SRP and APS offer the $99 energy audit, which usually runs between $300 and $400 and their websites are full of other rebates and savings if you decide to give your home an energy-saving makeover.