Tempe lawyer arrested in shooting makes court appearance

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Ryan Hall By Andrew Michalscheck Ryan Hall By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Tempe attorney Joseph Palmisano was in court Friday facing felony attempted murder and kidnapping charges.
Palmisano’s lawyer, Jason Goldstein, told the judge his client, "is a long time resident of Arizona. He owns a home here and has a wife and daughter here.”
3TV learned through court documents Palmisano also has a girlfriend, his secretary, Catelyn Foster.
Tempe Police accused Palmisano of shooting his lover's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Hall, on Thursday.
Court documents described Hall dropping off his son with Foster when the shooting happened.
Police have Hall’s cell phone.  He recorded the confrontation.
The victim’s father, Ken Hall, spoke to 3TV over the phone from out of state.
“It was pretty traumatic, definitely not a call you want to get,” said Ken Hall.
According to official paperwork, Palmisano stood over Hall after the shooting and said, "Do you feel that? … That's you dying boy."
“The bullet nicked a lung and chipped a vertebrae and he's got two broken ribs and other than that it looks like he's going to be ok,” said Ken Hall.
Palmisano accused Ryan Hall of hacking into his computer and tapping his telephone.
Palmisano's bond was set at $180,000.
We’ve tried reaching out to Palmisano and his family, but have yet to hear back.