Man accused of killing bail bondsmen arrested

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck
Anthony Brian Giunta By Mike Gertzman Anthony Brian Giunta By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police said they’ve arrested the person who fatally shot two bail bondsmen earlier this week.

Police said 23-year-old Nicholas Malicki has been arrested and booked into jail on two counts of first-degree murder.

"I didn't kill no one," he told 3TV cameras while being led to jail Thursday night.  "I'm innocent."

Police believe Malicki and the other suspect in the case, Anthony Giunta, are friends.

On Monday evening, David Brickert and Wesley Kampen went to the area of 17th Avenue and Yucca Street to take Anthony Brian Giunta into custody.

After a brief struggle, Giunta was handcuffed and taken outside, which is when Malicki allegedly shot and killed Brickert and Kampen.

Giunta and Malicki fled the scene, but police were able to arrest Giunta a few hours later.

Giunta was booked into jail on charges of misconduct with a weapon, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest.

Following his arrest, police said Giunta was not willing to speak with investigators about the shooting.

Phoenix police said over the course of the next few days they received assistance from members of the community that allowed them to identify Malicki as the shooter.

Malicki was located at his residence near Grovers and 29th Avenue, and arrested after driving away from the home.

Friends and colleagues of the bail bondsmen killed are grieving but say news of this arrest brings some comfort.  

"We're very glad he's off the streets and not a danger to anyone else," said Ryan Mullinax of Sanctuary Bail Bonds.

Sanctuary Bail Bonds is now trying to raise money for funeral costs and the families David Brickert and Wesley Kampen leave behind.

"David had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known," said Mullinax.  "He's gone and done things above and beyond not just what a bail bondsman would do, but just a normal person would do."

"Wesley had just a big heart; he was a lot of fun to be around," Mullinax described.  "He was definitely the guy who got things done around here."

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