Valley man has "beef" over used appliance

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PHOENIX -- Bill Haynes is one of those good 'ol boys who does things old school.

"I'm born and bred a West Texas cowboy," Haynes proudly told 3 On Your Side.

And Haynes pretty much lives the cowboy life.  From his wide-brim hats, to raising live stock, which is something he's done all his life. 

"I've always had some kind of live stock.  Either cattle, I've had sheep and I've had goats," Haynes said.

So it shouldn't come as any surprise that inside Haynes' garage is a freezer loaded with frozen beef.  All of the beef was professionally butchered, cut and wrapped in butcher paper. 

It's beef from a calf that he raised himself last year. 

"Once you taste it, there's nothing else like your own beef," said Haynes. "It's really tender."

But with the freezer running out of room, Haynes went shopping for a bigger freezer and wound up at a used appliance store where he looked aisle by aisle.

Finally, he found a used freezer that he liked.  But before buying it, he asked the store to plug it in for at least a day to ensure it worked. 

"What I'd like to do is go a little longer to check out how long it will hold the temperature and what temperature it holds at that duration of time," Haynes said he told the store employee.

Haynes said he paid $100 to hold the appliance and agreed to come back after verifying the freezer worked properly.

But Haynes said every time he called or went back to the store, he was told they never checked out the freezer.

After a full week of waiting, Haynes said he finally gave up and demanded his $100 back so he could move on.   

However, the store refused, saying no refunds. Haynes said he was frustrated. 

"I said I can understand maybe a restocking charge, to a degree. But not no hundred dollars," Haynes proclaimed.

3 On Your Side got involved and we were told the freezer simply needed a new part and it took some time.

However, the store agreed to waive it's no refund policy and at our request, went ahead and returned Bill's $100.

Haynes said he needed that $100 and credits 3 On Your Side for getting it for him. 

"Thanks a lot Gary.  You did a good job.  Hang in there," Haynes chuckled as he held his $100 bill.