Former FBI agent on Boston bomber: 'It's almost like they're going to bombing 101'

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Retired FBI agent and former Boston resident Jack Callahan said he knows the procedures law enforcement officers will use in the coming days as they continue to investigate the Boston Marathon bombing.

"Our people are out there trying to find and interview people that were on site," Callahan said.

The problem, he said, is that other people, including criminals, might also know the moves investigators are going to make.

Callahan points to other recent bombings, including Oklahoma City, in which specific police tactics were discussed in newspapers, on television and on the Internet.

"A dedicated person reads the newspapers, watches TV, is on the Internet, seeing what law enforcement does in these cases," he said. "We have all these experts on TV saying this is how they're going to solve it, or this is what they should be doing, and these people are taking notes. It's almost like they're going to bombing 101."

Callahan was quick to point out that law enforcement officials also need the help of the media. Boston officials have used the media to reach out to the public, asking for pictures, videos or any information related to Monday's explosions.

"Hopefully, there are people back in Boston who are picking up the phone and calling those phone numbers that are all over TV and saying, 'I know someone who has the capability of committing a crime like this,'" Callahan said.

Even with the help of the media, Callahan believes this investigation could be lengthy.

"They could be out there for days," he said. "It's a huge crime scene. Boylston Street is a major street in Boston."