Local runner returns home after Boston Marathon

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- US Airways Flight 94 bound for Phoenix was one of the first flights to leave Boston Monday after explosions that killed at least three people and injured dozens more.

The flight landed around 7:15 p.m. On board was Phoenix resident Shayna Weir, a woman who had run the marathon earlier in the day.
Weir finished the race about 20 minutes before the first explosion, then she hurried to find her boyfriend so they could rush to the airport to make their flight.
“I was actually in the subway when I started getting texts from people wondering if I was OK,” Weir said.
Weir did not hear or see the explosions or the aftermath, but she had friends that did.
“I had some friends running the race that were about a block away from where the explosion happened,” she said. “At first I was really shocked and I was really scared for my friends who were still there. I was trying to get in touch with them, but there was no cellphone signal. So it was a few minutes before I knew my friends were all OK.”
Weir and her boyfriend, Aaron Mayberry, felt disappointment over the day's turn of events.
“At first I was upset, then I was mad because it’s just scary,” Mayberry said. “It’s really sad because it is a fun atmosphere at the Boston Marathon, everybody’s in a good mood, and then it’s just terrible for this to happen.”
“It is really disappointing because a lot of people spend a lot of time training and they spend a lot of money to come out here,” Weir said. “Then something like this happens and it just takes down the whole experience.