Dog leaves with burglar who fed him pudding

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EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. - It's not supposed to work this way. Police in East Wenatchee, Wash., say a dog named Buddy willingly left his home with a burglar who fed him pudding.

The Wenatchee World reports that Buddy's owners came home Saturday to find a strange man in their kitchen, feeding pudding to their black Lab-pit bull mix.

East Wenatchee Assistant Police Chief Dan Reierson says the intruder told the couple he was looking for a man to kill, but the residents told him that person did not live there.

A short time later, Reierson says the stranger walked out the front door, calling to the dog. Buddy went with him.

The man had told the homeowners his name and he was arrested a short time later -- alone.

Animal control officers picked Buddy up after a motorist reported nearly hitting the dog. His owners took him back.