Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle on "Good Morning! Arizona"

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PHOENIX -- Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle know married life isn't always easy, especially living with the in-laws.

"It's a lot," said Danielle. "Definitely is a lot."

And although Kevin may be known around the world as one of the Jonas Brothers, he shows the world how life is offstage, proving the couple deals with many of the same issues that any other married couple does.

"We definitely deal with some situations that everyone can relate with," said Kevin. "And I think that that's why people find it funny because my life is so unusual on the other side but then I come home and we have moments that are so strange and it's definitely fun."

And viewers love it! Their E! show "Married to Jonas" was renewed for a second season. Check out the video above to see their live chat with Kaley O'Kelley on "Good Morning! Arizona."