APS website weekend outage

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PHOENIX -- If you have APS as your utility company, this information should help you avoid some frustration this weekend.

APS is doing away with its current website and launching a brand new one. But before you say "so what," here's the catch. 

You're going to be unable to perform any kind of APS function for the next three days, like paying your bill for example. 

This is a big deal because APS says people who usually pay their bills over the phone or maybe use one of those bill paying kiosks, won't be able to do so until Monday morning.

APS says it realizes this is a big inconvenience for customers, but they planned this switch during the weekend so hopefully fewer customers will be affected.

The new website will allow customers to use tablets and smart phones to mange their energy bills better.  

Again, if you're used to paying your APS bill electronically or maybe over the phone, you might want to hold off at least until Monday when their system is back up and running.