Job fair at U of P Stadium attracts thousands

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A line was out the door at University of Phoenix Stadium Thursday, and everyone there was looking for a job.

New nationwide numbers show fewer people filed for unemployment this month, but clearly the need for work, or the need for better work, is still widespread.

“Of course I worry about the economy,” said Mitch Haase.

He has been looking for a job for sometime but finds his experience works against him.

“I find a lot of jobs I apply for I'm either over qualified and they figure I’ll be there three or four months and move on or there's just so many applicants out there that's the only reason I can think.”

Deborah Spotts is gainfully employed but looking for the next best thing.

“Typically before if you had a masters degree you were put in a different category of qualified for a position," said Spotts.

But the recession changed that and as a result has changed Spotts' way of looking at things.

“I've calculated how long I could be unemployed and not have to worry about it," she said.

Arizona's unemployment rate, 7.9 percent, is the lowest it’s been in years, still there are an estimated 235,000 Arizonans out of work, which explains the thousands of people who came to the job fair, hosted by Goodwill, looking to fill one of the 7,000 open positions offered by these 150 employers.

 “It’s aerospace, defense, retail customer service, health care, you name it,” said Summer Dunham with Goodwill.  “A lot of opportunity from entry level to very professional and education and degree required.”

Jacquie Stiles just started looking and seems to have the right attitude.

“I may not necessarily come away with a job, but I will come away with a lot of additional resources that will help me find a job," noted Stiles.

Local economists assure us Arizona’s economy is in fact recovering, but the recovery is slow and it will likely be another couple years before we are in fact recovered.