Valley mom upset with restaurant's baby equipment failure

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PHOENIX -- A popular restaurant is revisiting one of its policies after 3 On Your Side started asking questions.

It's not uncommon for moms and dads to carry their infants in baby carriers and bring those carriers into a restaurant when they eat. 

That's what one Valley couple did, but they were not expecting this to happen.

Melissa Walker and Loyd Hoyt just recently welcomed their little girl Ryann Jo into the world.

"She's just over 3 months old and she's been such a delight. We take her everywhere, yeah she's pretty active," said Melissa.

One of the places they recently took little Ryann was to Carrabba's Italian Grill located in Glendale.

The family came here to celebrate Melissa's birthday and since they had Ryann with them, they asked for a baby sling cradle to hold Ryann's baby carrier.

"Right before my finance was to put the baby back into the carrier, the whole carrier in the front fell through the baby sling!" Melissa recalled. "It just fell, as if the whole thing just ripped right away on one side."

Shocked, Melissa and her fiancée inspected the rest of the stand and say they found other tears.
"She would have fell right to the ground or forward and hit her head on the bar or whatever," said Melissa.

Melissa alerted a Carrabba's manager who reportedly said, this:

"He said, 'ma'am this was not our intention of doing this, you are over-reacting.' I was just baffled at that point," Melissa proclaimed.

Melissa says an issue like this is something that shouldn't be casually dismissed.

So, 3 On Your Side contacted Carrabba's.

They didn't tell us how old the slings in this restaurant are or how often they are inspected but they did send us a written statement stating:

"The safety of our guests is our utmost priority and we regularly replace the sling devices as needed.  We apologize for this incident and are committed to a more regular inspection going forward."

Melissa hopes her situation can bring some safety awareness so something like this won't happen again

“This isn't only a safety concern of Carrabbas but of any restaurant really, these slings should be inspected every single night," she stated.
3 On Your Side has just learned that this brand of baby sling was recalled by the manufacturer back in 2002, ten years ago.

We are asking Carrabbas to make sure the slings their restaurants are using are not part of the recall. We'll keep you posted.