ASU students accept $2 challenge

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

MESA, Ariz. -- More than 15 students at Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus will abstain from modern-day luxuries and challenge themselves to live on $2 a day and in cardboard-box houses for the next couple of days

The Two Dollar Challenge, a national experiential learning exercise and poverty action program, is designed to give students an opportunity to step out of their daily lives and more tangibly reflect upon the daily and prolonged challenges of living in poverty while raising awareness and funds to support economic development organizations.

This challenge is distinct from your average charity drive for three reasons.

First, it asks students to restrict their consumption and live by other rules designed to simulate poverty. This experience gives students a glimpse of how nearly half of the world's population lives every day.

Second, the Two Dollar Challenge participants will raise funds for the cause of their choice. The students have chosen to raise money for Esperança.

Third, through the experience and accompanying discussion, students are educated about the complexity of world poverty. Student groups can become immediate actors in the eradication of global poverty and gain the experience to become passionate leaders in the field for the future.

The Two Dollar Challenge will take place April 11-13 at Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus in Mesa. Students will convene outside the Student Union and plan to live in cardboard boxes for three days.