Buying a gun? A closer look at Arizona's background checks

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TEMPE, Ariz -- Many of our viewers are knowledgeable gun owners, but we know that others aren't. So with all the talk of background checks in the news this week, we stopped in at Arizona Firearms in Tempe to get a look at the forms for ourselves and find out exactly what the process is now.

"In Arizona we use the federal form 4473," said PJ Gonzales, owner of Arizona Firearms. "It's a form you fill out providing your personal information, which we then use to do your background check."

He says your ability to buy depends on how you answer 13 yes or no questions.

"Some of these questions, depending on how they answer, we'll end the sale right there," he said.

But if your answers are in line, the next step is a call to the FBI.

"Then we call in the background check which takes us 10 to 15 minutes to complete that process," he said. "They tell us proceed, which is go ahead and do the sale, deny, which is deny, obviously, or they can be delayed and wait a few days on the background check."

The maximum delay is three business days for any weapon purchase in Arizona.

In all, the process can take less than 20 minutes. But will that change? Will gun shows and private sales be required to do checks, too?

All eyes are on Washington, DC for that decision.