Glendale man has $400 fight with UPS

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GLENDALE, Ariz -- Ralph Edwards and his family have a full plate.

"I go to school full time, work-study at the V.A.," said Edwards.

And with that busy schedule, staying connected with his wife, Jasmine is important.  But that became difficult a few months ago when Jasmine's phone stopped working. 

T-Mobile sent the family a package and asked them to put the phone inside and  they were then supposed to take it to any UPS store and ship it, free of charge. 

"It was a big line so she put it in the drop box outside, which the information says you could put it in the drop-box," Edwards stated.

He's right, The T-Mobile instructions clearly indicate to put the phone into any UPS drop-box and that's what they did when they went to the UPS center near 31st Avenue and Thomas and found a drop box.

But, T-Mobile says they never got the phone and charged Ralph and his family $400.

"I’m in the middle, two big companies, I’m in the middle, little guy and nobody's listening," Edwards noted.

Edwards contacted 3 On Your Side, and we asked UPS to look into the matter. They did, and claim there's no evidence the phone was put into the drop-box, and a UPS employee never scanned the bar code.

In an email to 3 on your side, UPS says, “The package has no origin scan, meaning that it was never picked up and scanned into our system.”

They went on to say, "Since there is no origin scan, we cannot initiate a claims process."

The Edwards family says they're disappointed, and can't believe they have to pay for a phone they know they shipped. 

"Doing the pennies, eating beans and rice and they're taken my last $400," said Edwards. "I can't do it."