Scottsdale City Council approves new regulations for pedicabs

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The Scottsdale City Council approved new laws to regulate pedicabs.

The issue came to light after an accident in January and complaints from some residents.

In January, two college students riding in a pedicab while visiting for the Fiesta Bowl were hit by a suspected drunk driver. One of them is still in a coma.
The new ordinance will require pedicabs to stay off streets with speed limits over 35 miles per hour unless there's a bike lane.

Operators must have a driver's license and commercial insurance. They also have to be inspected and registered in Phoenix.

The council passed the ordinance unanimously Tuesday night.

Pedicab operators will be able to apply for a license within 30 days.

If they don't follow the rules, the first offense will cost $150. The second offense will be $300.