Arias trial watchers search for connection

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- The Jodi Arias trial has made Arias, her defense attorneys and the prosecutor household names. The media spectacle surrounding the case is grabbing attention across the country.

Now it appears the people watching the trial from home want to be more involved.

"I get at least one question a day on Twitter about the case," said Phoenix attorney Brent Kleinman, who has been closely following the Arias trial and frequently posting his thoughts on social media.

Kleinman said people seem desperate for information about the trial.

"Typically, a lot of them are asking what I think about the prosecutor’s examination of a witness, and the same thing with the defense, or why an objection was raised," he said.

People are also asking for his help in contacting Arias, even though he is not an attorney in the case.

"My phone rang this afternoon and here’s a guy saying he’s from Florida and he wants to mail some things to Jodi Arias," Kleinman said.

That man was Phillip Weissburg, a former prison employee living in Palm Harbor, Fla.

In a phone interview with 3TV, Weissburg said he contacted Kleinman because he wanted to reach out to Arias but could not figure out how to send her a postcard.

"She hasn’t been convicted of anything," said Weissburg. "I wanted her mailing address. I called the jail and was on hold for 98 minutes, and they couldn’t tell me how to mail it."

Kleinman said he is not surprised that people want to know more about the trial and about Arias. He calls it a "perfect storm" to grab the national media spotlight.

"You’ve got the religion, you’ve got the sex, you’ve got an attractive person, you’ve got a flamboyant prosecutor, and you have the defense team matching their clothes," Kleinman said. "It is the perfect storm."