Man impaled by fence near ASU shows off nasty wound

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Jeremy Lockridge is thanking his lucky stars.

The 32-year-old has gone through two surgeries and has 95 stitches and 50 staples in his left leg.

Lockridge also has a $35,000 hospital bill, but he's OK.

"I'm feeling a lot better than I thought I would," he said.

It's been more than a week since he took a shortcut to his home in Tempe, hopped a fence near Farmer Avenue and University Drive and slipped.

His leg was impaled by one of the spikes and he was stuck hanging upside down.

"I did a lot of praying on that fence," he said.

It would be 30 minutes before Arizona State University student James Iwaszkiw, 24, heard him screaming and stopped to help.

"I grabbed him and just tried to hold him up," Iwaszkiw said.

The student also called 911 and refused to take him off the fence, afraid of causing more damage.

"I didn't want to like lift him out and have him be bleeding here," Iwaszkiw said.

Doctors told Lockridge it was a good thing Iwaszkiw didn't remove him from the fence because the entry wound was just millimeters away from an artery.

If that artery was hit, Lockridge could have lost his leg or worse, his life.

He's now at home recovering and doctors also told him he will be able to walk on his own in just a few weeks.

Until then he's using a walker to get around and has given up on taking shortcuts home.

"I'm thankful I have my leg and I don't think any lesson is a bad lesson," Lockridge said.

It's because he's learned his lesson Tempe police will not charge him with trespassing.

It's illegal to hop the fence near University Drive.

According to Sgt. Mike Pooley, Lockridge has suffered enough.