Family travels 21 hours with teenage son to watch Arias trial

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Murder, sex, religion -- the Jodi Arias trial has it all.

The trial of the year is attracting courtroom spectators from across the country, including Arias' hometown of Yreka, Calif.

Kelly Woods drove 21 hours from Yreka to Phoenix last week to be in court.

"It is amazing," Woods said. "It goes way beyond what I ever would have thought."
Woods also brought her 15-year-old son and her mother, Mary Woods.

All three of them have been following the trial closely from home. They all watch the trial on national television.

"You know what, it's out there and I think if you're open and you talk about it with your child the better benefits you're going to have," said Woods when asked about letting her son watch the trial. "The more communication you have with your children the better off they're going to be in the long run."

The family knows Arias' family and that's a big reason why they made the drive.

Mary Woods said Yreka is a small town with a small community made up of 12,000 people. She is a big fan of prosecutor Juan Martinez.

"I think he's very dynamic," she said. "He really goes at it. He does the job. He's good."

Martinez is trying to convince the jury to send Arias to death row.

For the first time, the family is getting a look at the jurors, who aren't shown on TV.

Mary Woods isn't quite sure she wants to see Arias die for killing her boyfriend.

"I have mixed feelings on the death penalty itself," she said. "So I feel she really deserves not to come out again, but whether it would take her life or not I'm not quite sure yet there."

The family is heading back to California on Tuesday, but not before making an appearance on the National TV Show "Dr. Drew" on HLN.