Google Earth vs Google Maps

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. What is the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps?

A. Besides the spelling (sorry, I couldn't resist), Google Earth presents a phenomenal airborne view of this little pellet called earth from which you can zoom in -- like you're free-falling from outer space -- to a specific address or other selected or designated location.

If you want to see Google Earth in action without actually installing it, go to YouTube and search for Google Earth. There are lots of Google Earth videos and you will see how it zooms in, using satellite photography.

Google Maps provides road maps from which you can obtain driving directions, for example. It is Web-based, so there is nothing to install. The best way to get a handle on it is to simply visit Google Maps at and have fun exploring.

Q. How can I delete multiple documents from a folder without having to click and delete each one individually?

A. To delete multiple files from within Windows Explorer, (My) Computer or any display of multiple files, hold down the SHIFT key and click the first file to select it, then scroll down to the last one and click that, which will highlight (select) all files in between. If the documents you want to delete are NOT located next to each other, use the CTRL key instead of the SHIFT key and select just the documents you want to delete. When you have the files selected, right-click and select DELETE.

?Q. I am getting a new computer within the next few months. Are there any advantages getting one with dual hard drives or am I just asking for more headaches?

A. Most newer computers with two drives have them set up in RAID configuration, which stands for Redundant Array of Independent Discs. That means whatever data you save to one drive automatically saves to the other. Notice this refers to data, not items like your computer’s configuration or Windows itself.

There are a number of variables involved in setting up a RAID drive, so if your new computer isn't appropriately configured (your seller should be able to tell you), any reputable computer repair person or service can do that for you, if you wish.

If you choose not to set RAID up, you have the option of using one drive to store your programs and one to store your data and documents, or you can simply purchase a computer with one drive and use an external flash drive for additional storage, if needed.

As a bottom line, you have lots of options and I can't think of any significant headaches associated with any of them.

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