How to sort favorites alphabetically

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. When I right-click a folder in my Favorites, then click Sort by Name, they do not rearrange themselves alphabetically. Instead, I have to drag each one to put it in the right order. What am I doing wrong?

A. You have to right-click within a folder to sort alphabetically. In other words, open a folder that contains some Favorites instead of just clicking it, then right-click and sort from there. It's fast, easy -- one could say as easy as A-B-C. (One could, but one shouldn't.)

Q. How can I enlarge the Quick Launch bar buttons on my Windows XP computer? I have a large screen, but I need larger buttons. Help!

A. We can relate -- and by “we” I am referring to my trifocals and me. To enlarge the Quick Launch bar buttons, right-click an empty area of the Quick Launch bar (to the right of the last icon, for example), then select View > Large Icons. The icons will instantly enlarge.

Q. I am obviously not up to speed on current terms in the computer world. What does "app" mean that I so often see and hear today? Does it mean application? If so, I am still lost when I see references to smartphone and other apps. Thanks for being there, Mr. M.

A. You are correct, "app" is short for "application," which is synonymous with "program," which is synonymous with "software" that we install in our computers. With the advent of smartphones, such as the Android, iPhone and tablet computers, such as the iPad, Galaxy and others, what we once knew as software is now an application or app for short.

Devices such as smartphones and tablet computers have what are the equivalent of software stores online. Each device has a button one can tap to go to the device's App Store where you can search for apps. When you find something you like, tap the app (no extra charge for the poetry) and it will install on your device. Many apps are free, but those that do have a charge associated with them are typically .99 or 1.99 which is a far cry from the days when software cost hundreds of dollars.

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The premise here is simple: Ask food-related questions and receive answers in real time. To ask a question, register on the site (it's free), type into the text field (140 characters or less, please) and click the Submit button. Strudles of information is available by clicking All Questions and scrolling through previous inquiries and responses.
A free genealogy service that enables families to learn about their ancestry and discover new relatives, who will probably want to borrow money or move into the spare bedroom. More than 100 million people have already created family trees and are sharing photos, videos and documents by inviting relatives to join the collaboration. is browser-based, so there is no software to install. Simply click a person's profile in the tree and edit, add, or delete information as you go.

Read Easily
Free online eBooks that have been formatted to assist visually impaired individuals. Navigation links at the top of the page include Set Display, Virtual Bookmarks, Books by Author, Books by Subject, Books by Title, with a search field beneath. You can save your place in any book you are reading and return to it later. The Set Display option lets you customize the text of books for easy reading by clicking a word sample. If this isn't one of the highest and best uses of today's technology, I don't know what is.

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