Rattlesnakes are out in force

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- They're back!  Now that our warm spring has sprung Valley fire departments are being flooded with snake calls.

Colin Williams of the Rural Metro Fire Department says if you see a snake passing through your desert yard, there's no need to call for help. Just give the rattler a wide berth and let it go on its way.  

If, however, you feel people or pets are in danger, that's when firefighters are happy to lend a hand.

That's exactly what happened Friday at a Cave Creek charter school when a large diamondback was found coiled behind bushes where children and parents walk.

David Groll of Rural Metro came to the rescue and hauled the trespassing snake away.

Teacher Hilary Engelke says rattlers are no strangers to the school's property and a couple times each day a search for snakes is conducted.

Engelke adds it's all part of living in the desert.