West Valley man: I was double charged for phones I never received

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. -- A Litchfield Park man says his cell phone company double charged him. Double dipping is what they did, but an Internet glitch might be to blame.

Shelby Hrin recently celebrated her 11th birthday her dad, Hrin, wanted to surprise her with something special.

"She has never had a cell phone and I thought I would surprise her with not only a cellphone, but a smartphone," Hrin said.

Searching online, Hrin said he came across a great online deal from Virgin Mobile. It was such a great deal he decided to order not just one phone, but three smartphones for the entire family.

"Got online, gave them my credit card, ordered three phones, and when you hit the send button, it told me that it wasn't valid, try again," he explained. "I tried again, still not valid."

Hrin thought there was some kind of Internet glitch since his order didn't seem to be going through.

"In the meantime, I call my credit-card company and they said, yes, two transactions for almost $700 are pending on your credit card," Hrin said.

Virgin Mobile charged his credit card not once, but twice. Hrin immediately called Virgin Mobile to see what was going on with the double charge.

Talk turned to a refund.

"Virgin Mobile basically tells me that they don't do that," Hrin said. "They do not call the credit-card companies and I have to take it up with the credit-card company." Hence the dilemma.

Hrin's credit-card company says he owes them $700 for the cellphone orders and Virgin Mobile claims there's nothing to refund because his orders didn't go through.

"I've been charged a total of nearly $700, two different transactions," Hrin said. "I've been left with a feeling of just being taken to the cleaners."

3 On Your Side contacted Virgin Mobile, which looked into the matter. They apologized for the "glitch" in Hrin's order and claim they are in the process of removing both charges. What's more, Virgin Mobile is sending Hrin three free phones and including one month of free service just for his inconvenience.

Thank you, Virgin Mobile, for a quick resolution. We'll let you know when Hrin and his family get their phones.