Phoenix weather: 90-degree temps heat up the Valley

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PHOENIX -- A normal high temperature for this time of year in Phoenix is 82. The Valley of the Sun will see the mercury rise well beyond that, not only today, but throughout the weekend.

High pressure is moving into our region from the west. As the ridge builds, temperatures will heat up and the rain will stay away. Look for a high of 92 today in Phoenix. Cirrus clouds (thin wispy strands) will increase this afternoon, but they won't be enough to take the edge off the heat.

The low 90s will return each afternoon through Sunday under sunny to mostly sunny skies. Overnight lows will be in the 60s.

Flagstaff will see highs in the mid and upper 60s with overnight lows in the 30s.

A storm system currently in the Gulf of Alaska will make an eastward journey in our direction come Monday. As of now, it looks like we could see a few showers north and east of Phoenix starting early Monday morning and possibly into Tuesday.

This photo shows transparent to translucent cirrus streaks, and illustrates why cirrus clouds are often described as mare's tails. The streaks come from falling ice particles that make up the clouds.

Lin Chambers, August 2002 (via

It's too early to fine tune that forecast just yet. What we do have a better grasp on is the cool-down that the Valley will feel. High temperatures should be back in the mid 80s for Monday and Tuesday. 

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