Dismissed Arias juror left 'in tears'

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- The juror dismissed from the Jodi Arias murder case Tuesday left the court sobbing and in tears, according to witnesses.

The unidentified woman, known only as "Juror No. 5," was dismissed by Judge Sherry Stephens for juror misconduct.

The juror is accused of making statements about the case, or those involved, to other jurors.

"She could've been badmouthing witnesses, or Jodi, or the fact that they've been there three months as of today. We have no idea," attorney Jordan Rose told 3TV.

"You should not speculate or guess about the reasons for that decision," the judge told the remaining 17 members of the panel.

Arias and her defense team emerged from the judge's chambers smiling. Meanwhile, the family of Travis Alexander, the man Arias killed, emerged crying. Court-watchers believe the dismissed juror was known to be favoring the prosecution.

Stephens also put new limits on where members of the jury can go. She has a member of the court escorting them to lunch.

"I'm going to ask you be especially careful about avoiding contact with anyone, and allowing anyone to speak with you today during recess," she instructed.

Testimony continues Wednesday with more from a domestic violence expert.