Silver Apple 2012 - 2013 Marj Keagle Desert Palms Elementary

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PHOENIX -- Desert Palms Elementary pulled out all the stops to honor one dedicated teacher; Marj Keagle, who's been hard at work for her kids for more than 20 years.

The school's assembly is special. Honoring one of their own with 3TV's Silver Apple Award. Keagle's tears and gasp of surprise are proof she's overwhelmed. Her entire family showed up in support of her achievement. Accepting the honor, Keagle truly appreciated the experience because teachers don't expect awards for going above and beyond in their work.

"On behalf of Ace Air, we'd like to present you with a check for $500 to use in your classroom," announced Briana Kelly of Ace Air.

As 3TV's legacy partner, Ace Air awards each Silver Apple Award winner with $500 to use in their classroom. 

A true team player, Keagle feels that the honor represents something bigger.

"I'm going to accept this for all of the teachers at our school," exclaimed Keagle as she held back tears.

Feeling a deep responsibility, Keagle knows that if her students can get excited about learning in sixth grade, the sky is the limit. She sees the unique potential each child brings to the classroom.

"We have so many kids on this campus that just want to be here," Keagle said. "This is where they get nurtured. This is where they get their kudos. This is where someone builds them up and tells them they can be successful."

Her student Tamaury Mack nominated Keagle for the Silver Apple Award. His mother was coping with serious health problems and Keagle helped the family through a difficult time.

According to Tamaury, "Ms. Keagle helped us when we needed it most. She actually cared about us."

Providing food, offering prayers and a shoulder to cry on, Tamaury's teacher made him feel that someone truly cared for his well-being. His teacher is more than an educator, she is family.

"We know that we're here for kids," claimed Keagle, "and we're here to make our world a better world."